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YES! You can have a better website, more effective social media, excellent content, and
dynamic email campaigns.
Perhaps you want to improve your skills with the computers and software you use.
I can help you with that.
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Client Testimonial

“Lynn Kinnaman is a talented and experienced website designer whom I would recommend to anyone starting or updating a site. Not only did she take my concepts and create something that exceeded all my expectations, she had great ideas for marketing and blogging, and helped me understand how to use my completed site. She treated me like an individual and designed a site that is uniquely my own rather than twist what I wanted to fit a mold she already had. Lynn was flexible and thoughtful, helping me to see possibilities I never imagined. I cannot praise her enough or recommend her more highly.” ~ Erin Farwell, author

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My Primary Services

Websites & Social Media

If you're serious about your business you need a professional website that is optimized. Social media can be a benefit if you know which ones to use and how to manage your time and efforts. I can show you how.

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Instruction & Training

I offer training for small groups, online classes, or individual instruction on WordPress, email marketing, and general technnology skills.

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Email Newsletters

Email is still one of the most effective ways to grow and maintain a customer base. I can design your email campaigns and show you how to make the most of email for your business.

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Custom Writing

Need website content? Or ghostwriting services for articles to build your business? I have decades of writing and publishing experience and can offer professional writing for all your projects.

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