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By Design…

... means you set your intentions and create your success.

Whether you have a clear vision of your objective, or are exploring, I offer techniques and training
based on the latest scientific research to help you define the steps to achieve the life you want.

From Writing Discovery Workshops, Memoir Writing, Defining Your Personal Image,
Managing Weight,
and more, I have curated the best and most effective techniques
to offer to you.

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Here’s the information you don’t have time to find yourself!

I teach many of these same techniques and principles to college students, and I realized that so many of us in our adult years need the same valuable information - but we are too busy with out lives to read all the books and follow all the experts.
So I've done it for you! I've spent the last few years studying the latest research on how we achieve, how we form and stick with the habits we need, how to organize our time effectively, how to make sure you set the right goals for who you are.
It's all here for you. Let's get started.

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My Primary Services

Websites & Social Media

If you're serious about your business you need a professional website that is optimized. Social media can be a benefit if you know which ones to use and how to manage your time and efforts. I can show you how.

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Instruction & Training

I offer training for small groups, online classes, or individual instruction on WordPress, email marketing, and general technnology skills.

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Email Newsletters

Email is still one of the most effective ways to grow and maintain a customer base. I can design your email campaigns and show you how to make the most of email for your business.

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Custom Writing

Need website content? Or ghostwriting services for articles to build your business? I have decades of writing and publishing experience and can offer professional writing for all your projects.

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